Sally at Mango Wellbeing has partnered with Kuoni in Dorking for the last 2 years, since we moved into our new premises. At first Sally was coming in twice a week to hold 'Core & Calm' corporate wellness classes for our employees at lunchtime - this was part of our employee wellbeing programme and proved very popular and successful with 10-12 people in each class and a waiting list for places. Sally's approach is calming and restorative - our employees really benefited from these sessions and many have continued with online classes during lockdown.

We have also had a few 'Wellbeing weeks' in aid of our Charity Partner - Mind, where we had nutrition talks, life coaches etc and Sally came in and did Meditation and Mindfulness sessions for us where she focused on breath work and mindfulness. Again, these were very popular and helped everyone focus on their own mindfulness and take time to breathe.

We hope that when the office re-opens, we can keep the relationship between Kuoni and Sally going and continue to benefit from her knowledge and experience. Sally has become a 'Friend of Kuoni' and has built great relationships with many employees. 


I worked 1:1 with Sally over a 3 month period, and I can truly say that the results exceeded all expectations. I was feeling sluggish, unfit, tired, out of shape, and I presented Sally with my challenge to ‘lose a stone and tone’! She took an in-depth lifestyle history, and really listened to what I wanted to achieve. Upon signing up with her I received personalised nutrition advice and recipes, as well as a thorough action plan for physical activity. She pushed me to achieve, whilst providing such support, advice and encouragement. Sally has such a huge knowledge of her subject, keeping it interesting and engaging, and also looks at the whole piece – breath work, mindfulness, fitness and nutrition. I achieved my results quicker than I could have imagined, and most importantly built habits that have sustained the change. I couldn’t recommend Sally highly enough. 


I initially knew Sally in Shanghai where I benefited from her face to face classes.  Now back in the UK, I joined Sally's online Pilates classes at the beginning of lockdown in Spring 2020 and have not looked back.  She uses such variety and professionalism that no two classes are ever the same and her positive and helpful manner never flags.  I am in awe of her knowledge of the body, her creativity at a difficult time and her ability to mix aspects of exercise and mindfulness which means that I enjoy every class and am fitter, calmer and more flexible than I've every been. 


I have known Sally for about 2 years now, I was first introduced to her when I joined her Core and Calm class at my place of work Kuoni Travel in Dorking.
For years I had suffered with a bad back and bad posture and I realised that if I didn't do anything about it now I would have a problem for the rest of my life.
Within a few months of doing a single class a week I enjoyed it so much I decided to do two a week. Within a few months my back had eased and I was more relaxed, My core strength was much better and for the last year and a half my back has been 100% better (no back pain at all). Sally is very professional, she understands what your limitations are and works within them never putting you health at risk.
She explains every exercise in detail making it much easier to target the correct muscles and making sure the exercise is done safely and correctly.
Sally's motivation is part of the reason I have kept up the classes, I look forward to them as I know I will feel stronger, more relaxed and healthier after them.


I have on/off been a client of Sally’s for nearly 20 years and her commitment and experience is clear.  Sally’s classes and individual sessions are always motivating and fun - every class is varied and the exercises build strength and flexibility, offering a thoughtful holistic approach that is suitable for all levels. I value the choice I get in each session  -work hard and challenge myself or take things more gently, feeling energised or relaxed whichever way I chose. I have been impressed by Sally’s ability to adapt, taking the classes on line this last year and still growing her wellbeing business -  it still feels as if she is in the room guiding and encouraging !


I started doing Sally’s Core and Calm classes at lunchtime at work at the beginning of 2019 as part of a well-being initiative at work and I’ve never looked back. Being able to have a 45min moment of calm in a busy day at the office was always welcome. The classes were brilliant, and right from the offset I felt relaxed, comfortable, and Sally a ray of sunshine, always happy and smiling. Love that there are always alternatives for different levels from beginner to advanced or if you have a medical condition. The exercises are challenging enough to make you feel you’re doing something but not so that you have sweat dripping from the brow. At the end of each session I’ve always felt fantastic and sense of calm.  It’s been brilliant for my mental well-being, especially since the start of the pandemic.  From April 2020 I continued the class over zoom and honestly it’s been just as good, am so pleased to have met Sally and hope to continue her classes for many years to come. Thank you Sally! 


I started Sally’s Pilates classes many years ago when my children were small. Her classes are so much fun, a great work out and you always leave feeling mentally uplifted. When she moved abroad I found it difficult to find anything to match Sally’s classes so I was thrilled when she returned and started her in-person core and calm classes. These classes quickly picked up an almost cult following. An amazing core workout with a short calming meditation at the beginning and a longer one at the end of the class. We literally floated home afterwards.

Sally has very successfully transferred these classes online and added several others that compliment each other - a unique combination of classes that meet all my needs, all in the comfort and convenience of my own home. I love that I can ‘meet’ all the wonderful people that have been doing Sally’s classes all over the world. But any I can’t make live are available for me to do as recordings, when it suits me. This has been really helpful now I am homeworking - great to be able to do a class in my lunch hour. 

Sally’s classes are always carefully planned. she is adept at explaining the anatomical detail behind the movements and the instructions for the exercises. She does this thoroughly and precisely, reminding you about minute corrections and adjustments to ensure the excercise is performed correctly. Her experience means she has an almost psychic ability to know what you might be doing wrong and willl gently pick you up on any bad habits before they become established. She offers several different levels for each exercise so everyone can find a level the suits them. She remembers those of us that need work arounds for particular movements.

The mindfulness aspects of Sally’s classes have been so beneficial during lockdown. The techniques she teaches us are really effective. I would thoroughly recommend Sally’s classes. I’m excited to see how she will expand her business as we move out of lockdown restrictions.