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SALLY KING (Co-founder)



Sally has an excellent understanding of the wellbeing space and is passionate about helping people to feel healthy, happy and strong.

Her varied background covers fitness, mindfulness, food and nutrition and in 2008 Sally founded The Pilates Room Surrey, which she later sold in 2016.


An adventurer at heart, Sally embraces life, taking risks and meeting new people. Having lived and worked abroad in Melbourne, Shanghai and Switzerland, she is culturally aware, empathetic and resilient. 

With almost twenty years experience and working with such a diverse range of people during that time, Sally is intuitive and understands that no two people are the same (a ‘one-size fits all’approach’ simply does NOT work!)   A passionate foodie, Sally also works as a professional Deli Chef at the prestigious Southsea Deli.  Sally believes that what we eat should be fresh, nourishing, exciting and delicious.  It’s all about ‘Good Mood Food!’


JAMIE KING (Co-founder)


After a 25-year career as a Director of Sport and having completed a Masters in Sports Business in Melbourne, Jamie brings a wealth of relevant industry experience. Jamie has spent the last 3 years as Head of Education for ‘Revoola’, a wellbeing and fitness app, developing their educational video content resources in wellbeing and exercise.  

He has a passion for community sport and exercise and enjoys maximising efficiency in the use of resources to achieve high levels of productivity, excellence, and participation. 


Jamie’s mantra is to squeeze the best out of every day. He is a risk taker and an adventurer, but has managed to combine this with a busy family life and understands the importance of a healthy work – life balance.


MANGO (Co-founder)


Hello, my name is Mango and Mango Wellbeing is named after me. It is my ambition to share my knowledge of wellbeing with humans. 

Generally, I don’t worry too much about yesterday or what’s happening tomorrow. If I see something interesting or if it smells nice, I stop what I’m doing and give it my full attention. 

I really don’t care what the other dogs think of me and I have never worried about how I look. I am beautiful on the inside and that’s all that I care about. 

I greet everybody with the same smile and big wagging tail. It doesn’t matter to me who they are or what they’ve done. In my experience, there is always someone nearby to have a proper rest with. I sleep more than I need to because this keeps me at my best. 

I love food! I have a simple diet and I don’t do stimulants.  I have worked out what works for me and I know what I like. 

I am loyal and honest and I can find the good in everyone. 

Yours truly, 


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