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Outdoor Meditation
guided meditation


Power Down

Sally’s meditation will encourage you to enjoy moments of stillness as you switch from the ‘doing’ mode to ‘being’ mode.  You will  start feeling calmer and more connected as you visualise warm liquid sunlight soothing and healing your body and mind.  This is THE best antidode to a long and tiring day.

Power DownMango Wellbeing
00:00 / 11:35

New to Mindfulness

Sally introduces and explains mindfulness to those of you who are new to mindfulness and meditation.  Feel free to come back to this at any time when you need to boost your mind/body connection.

New to MindfulnessMango Wellbeing
00:00 / 07:03

Busy Minds

Sally leads you through a simple body scan meditation to help you reset and refocus. This is a perfect way to take time-out during your busy day. It will help prepare you mentally for the next few hours by putting you firmly back in control.

Busy MindsMango Wellbeing
00:00 / 10:11


When was the last time you checked-in with yourself, your thoughts and feelings?  By shifting our focus to breathing, we are able to get let go of stress, negativity and self-doubt. Some beautiful positive affirmations will help to reframe your mindset, setting you up for a more focused and productive day ahead.

Power upMango Wellbeing
00:00 / 08:23

Sleep Beditation 

Are you struggling to get to sleep....?  Follow this beautifully calming meditation and learn new techniques to help you achieve the perfect night’s sleep. Sally will help you to quieten your busy, racing-mind and bring stillness to your body...and you might just drop-off.

Sleep BeditationMango Wellbeing
00:00 / 10:26
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